Protective Floor Covering

Whenever you enlist our painting services, you can say for certain that you have the very best quality job. You know we are always going to give you a rich and consistent paint job, in the colour and style of your choosing. However, at Launceston Painting Professionals, we want to do more than just do great painting. We want to promise all of our clients of the very best service, in every way. For us, a big part of that is how clean and tidy we keep your home. A great painting job is worth nothing, if we have splashed colour onto your tiled or carpeted flooring. It is something that we take very seriously and why we never carry out any of our work, until we have laid out the proper protective coverings. We want you to know, that our team care to respect your home and are always grateful to be welcomed in, in the first place. You can trust us to be the perfect guests, whenever we are doing any painting work for you.

Keeping Your Home Clean

Trying to get paint cleaned off of anything can be difficult, especially once it has been able to dry. That is why, we really care to do our bit towards keeping your home clean. By laying down our protective floor cover and sealing it around the edges, we can guarantee that none of our paint is going to be splashing anywhere other than the plastic. Not only is that going to mean there is no unnecessary hard cleaning work, when we have finished, clearing our things away is going to be quick and efficient.

Our Durable Plastic Sheeting

We want to give you absolute peace of mind that none of your home is going to become dirty, because there is no chance of anything penetrating our protective floor cover. At Launceston Painting Professionals, we never cut any corners, which is why we make use of a more premium and very strong plastic sheeting. Using it means that we can say with certainty, that we are going to be able to keep your floors completely protected, for the duration of our task.

Carpet Covers

If you need our services in a carpeted room, it is all the more important that we lay our floor covers down. Whilst you might be able to scrub paint off of a tile, you have next to no chance with your carpets. So, we make sure all carpeted surfaces are fully covered and sealed down at the sides, so that there is no chance of any spillage or splashing onto them.

Furniture Covering

There may be pieces of furniture in a room, which you simply cannot remove, and have to leave in there. It is no problem for us but if that is the case, we recommend having these covered too. Let us know if you have a piece of furniture you need to keep protected and we will be glad to bring sufficient floor covers, to put over them.
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