All of us can agree, that we care about our curb appeal. We all want to walk down the street, see our property and feel proud to say ‘that’s home’. Which is why, you are probably someone who would be interested to give your home exterior a touch of life and colour, when it starts to look tired and old. That is where we, at Launceston Painting Professionals, can be of service to you. We can provide you with the highest standard of exterior painting services for the homes of Launceston, using our premium Dulux paints. Our experienced team will be able to apply all of their expertise towards producing a great quality look for your home, based entirely off of the ideas and requests that you give us. If that sounds like the kind of thing that your property could use, then give us a call and let us know how we can be of service to you.

Plaster Painting

If you are someone who has plaster, venetian plaster or stucco on the exterior of their home, you already know how dull the materials look on their own. They might look clean but a grey or brown hue probably isn’t going to match up to the aesthetic you had always dreamed of. But you need not worry, because we are able to offer our painting services to help fix this. We can offer you a wide range of colours, all of which are of the same high-quality of outdoor paint. So, you can relax and choose the perfect one for you, knowing it is going to make a lasting difference for you to enjoy.

Cladding Painting

On the other hand, if your home is wrapped in cladding, you are going to need a different style of paint. Depending on whether you have vinyl, wooden or cement fibre cladding, you are going to need a specific paint for the task. We have the capabilities to work with any of these surfaces. We have all of the right primers and paints to handle any style of siding, still being able to produce our outstanding quality regardless.

Exterior Door Painting

All of your outside doors, and particularly your front door, have their part to play in the overall aesthetics of your home. So, it is well worth painting them, if you are someone who cares about great looks in every aspect of their property. Let our team know and we will be more than happy to handle the job for you. Using our specialized paints, we will be able to find the perfect one for your door, which is going to give you effective and long-lasting looks.

Fence, Gate and Deck Painting

If you care about the finer details of your property, then you should have your fencing, gates and even your deck being painted. It could offer each of them a new lease of life, and might even help them last longer at their best, in the force of the elements. So, give us a call and make use of our strong, weather-resistant outdoor paints, to give your backyard installations a noticeably great aesthetic.
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