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    High-quality paintwork can make a big difference to any space, that it is used in. Whether that is in your home or in your workplace, it can add a lot of light and brightness to any room, making you feel more comfortable and more content. It is easily the most important thing in the way of aesthetics and can also play its part in boosting up your curb appeal. So, when it is time for you to enlist some painting services, it is only right that you choose the very best team around.

    About Us

    If you are living in the city of Launceston and in need of some specialists in the trade, look no further than Launceston Painting Professionals. We are the number one local team of all things property painting, known for our superior quality. For both our commercial and residential clients, our team work hard to deliver the greatest standard of painting, tailored to each unique need. So, if you are looking for a friendly team, that you can trust to deliver painting work exactly to your preference, then you know we are going to be the ones for you.


    Our hardworking team can cover all aspects of property painting, in both your home and your working environment. We offer some of the most affordable prices anywhere in the region, without making any sacrifices for our exemplary standards. Using our premium Dulux paints, we will be able to offer you a luxe finish on any wall, ceiling or door, and have it last. For both interior and exterior spaces, we can offer you with an expansive range of colours and tones for you to have full choice over. Whatever you specifically need painting on your property, just let us know, and we will ensure we are best fitting in with it. So if you’re in need of some local painters then you are in the right place.


    If you are looking for a team you can count on to paint your home, then you have found it in us. At Launceston Painting Professionals, we are known for our great quality home painting work. We are able to offer room painting for any room in your house, as well as other more specialist jobs, like your front door or your wooden deck. In fact, we can cover just about any painting job in your home. Just let us know where you would like to add a touch of colour to and we will prepare the most suitable paints, in the colours of your choice.


    At the same time, if you are looking to have some painting work done inside your workspace, then know you can count on us. No matter what type of company you are running, you want to make sure your location is clean, bright and inviting. So, trust the task to us, take your pick from our wide array of paint colours and let us know exactly how we can take your location from a dull looking spot, to the hottest new place in town. We treat every customer unique which is why we offer a pre-consultation to run through your specific needs.
    “Thanks to the great work of Launceston Painting Professionals, my bathroom looks so much better. They completely overhauled the look with some quality colour and the results are great, I’m really pleased.” – Jason V


    In both your home and at work, you want to be in a space that makes you feel comfortable and inspired. Dull, stained walls certainly aren’t going to do that, but a fresh coat of paint certainly would. At Launceston Painting Professionals, we can offer you with the highest standard of interior painting, for any room you need. From kitchens to offices, we have all the colours you could ever want, in the specialized paints that are guaranteed to last many years.


    If you happen to be needing some professional painting work for your property’s exterior too, then of course, you know you can count on us. We are more than glad to deliver our exterior painting services to both commercial and residential buildings, and we can tailor our paint choices to the material we are working with. Whether you have cladding, plaster or anything else, we will make sure we are always using the most suitable paint, that we can promise you is going to last.
    “Launceston Painting Professionals did a great job on the painting of my offices. Their prices were fantastic for a number of rooms and the final job was top-quality.” – Beth N

    Roof Painting

    Your roof plays a key role in the appeal of your home. So, if yours is looking tired and worn out, its not going to do any favours for yours. Which is why, you might be interested to have your roof painted, through our quality roof painting services. For flat and shingle roofs, we can offer long-lasting paint work, in a wide range of different colours. You could turn your dated looking installation into something new and impactful, that boosts up the aesthetic of your home, hugely.

    Protective Floor Covering

    At Launceston Painting Services, we respect the trust that you show for us. When we come to work in your home or workplace, we never want to leave any mess or issues for you, during our work. Which is why, we take great care in using our protective floor cover. We’ll make sure that no paint gets on your tiles, carpets or even your furniture, and will make a quick clean up, once we have finished the whole job.

    “The best thing I ever did was call Launceston Painting Professionals to paint the outside of my home. I needed a quality vinyl paint to go over my home cladding, in the colours that I wanted. They were happy to help me with it and it was really cheap, compared to what I was expecting. I can’t recommend these guys enough, everything was brilliant.” – Trent M

    Painting FAQ

    What's the total cost of painting a house?

    The overall cost can vary depending on a few features as painters will normally quote on the m2.
    • Overall size of the house
    • What the house is built with (bricks, timber, render..)
    • Single/double storey
    • Condition of the paint
    • Colour of the paint (dark colours may require additional coats)
    • Any detailing required
    • Is the house accessible? (trees/ other buildings blocking access)
    For instance, painting the exterior of a home in Australia costs between $15 and $45 per m2 when painting brickwork. If it’s a timber house; then it will cost you between $12 and $60 per m2. Examples of pricing would be
    • $4-7,000 for a brick bungalow
    • $7-12,000 for a small weatherboard built property
    • $12-18,000 for a small Victorian home

    How much time will it take to paint a house exterior?

    If your house has four or fewer bedrooms, it takes between 3 to 4 days for 3 people to paint it entirely. For larger homes, i.e., 3 to 5 storey it should take about 6 days to complete. Roughly, two to three people can paint the exterior of a 2,500 square foot house in a maximum of two full days.

    How many coats of paint does a house exterior need?

    For good coverage, two coats will do, especially, if you are applying the paint on a well-prepped and primed surface. Again, this depends on the colour and the type of material you are painting on to.

    ​Should I paint my house myself?

    As much as interior painting is the most popular DIY home improvement activity, you shouldn’t paint your house if you lack skills, equipment, time and the energy to do the job.
    Be realistic; painting a home can be tedious because it involves preparation depending on the existing condition. However, a skilled and homeowner can paint rooms.

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    So, if you are on the lookout for a team you can trust for your painting task, you know you can always look to us, at Launceston Painting Professionals. Give us a call today and find out how we can deliver our great work to your home or workplace, to produce the aesthetic you have always wanted.

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